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This DVD is titled “ALI BABY AND THE FORTY THIEVES The Lost Scimitar of Arabia”. The back cover reads “A tale as famous as any ever told. However, until now, very few have known the true story of the daring young Prince Ali Baba and his forty faithful followers. Ali Baba is the son of the Sultan of Arabia. When his father is wrongfully imprisoned, young Ali is accused of being a thief, Is a man truly a thief when he is trying to recover what was originally stolen from him?This young prince is brave and honorable in the thrilling tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves : The Lost Scimitar of Arabia. Set in an epic land of ancient wonders, this is the action-packed adventure of his quest to reclaim his birthright, and his battles to free his father and people from a fearsome tyrant!”.

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