Arizona Two Piece Girls Outfit


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This Arizona two piece girls outfit includes a  girls t-shirt with a pair of shorts. The Girls Shirt is a white t-shirt with green color trimming the sleeves and the collar. On the front of this shirt is the green color text with a blue outline shading the letters reading “SURF CAMP”. In between the words on this T-shirt are two hibiscus flowers. One flower has blue glitter petals and a green stem while the other flower is green glitter with a blue stem. Both flowers have yellow glitter leaves with green beading decoration and a green embellishment stone in the middle of each flower. The back of this t-shirt is plain white in color with the same green color trimmings. The shorts included in this two piece girls outfit are dark blue in color with a graphic on the front of the shorts, bottom right hand side. The graphic include text which is purple, white, and various shades of blue which reads “SURFER GIRL” . Also the background of the graphic is a zebra like pattern of blues and whites. There is also four more hibiscus flowers in various shades of blue, green, and white. Among the edges of this graphic there is three more green embellishment stones. On the back of these shorts is more text in same color scheme as the front spelling out the word “SURFER”.  There is also four more hibiscus flowers in the same colors. The waist band of these shorts are stretchy elastic. The material of this two piece girls outfit is 100% cotton for both pieces of the girls outfit. The size is a medium 10/12.

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