Athletic Work Boys Sweater


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This boys sweater is Athletic Work in brand. The background of this shirt is maroon like color. Located on the front of this boys sweater, on the chest, is a foot ball helmet. This helmet is dark blue with yellow accents including a yellow paw print on the side. Besides this foot ball helmet is a yellow cougar prancing forward and baring their teeth. The cougar and the football helmet are both on top of a horizontal yellow stripe with dark blue stripes above and below it. On the yellow stripe there are small maroon colored stars. Above and below the helmet and cougar is text. The text above the helmet is in all capital letters and is dark blue with yellow trimming in color. This line of text reads “COUGARS”. Below the cougar is text that is the same colors, again in capitals and reads “FOOTBALL” with the cougars paw going over part of the Ls. Below this line of text is texzt that is in cursive, blue with yellow trimming, and reads “Team Captain”. Behind the word Team are numbers that are dark blue in color with white stitched trimming that reads “79”. The size of this boys sweater is a size 6-9 months. The material is listed on the tag as being made with 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

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