Baby Shower Party Decorations


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This set of party decorations is for a baby shower. ALL OF THESE ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE. All of the items in this set have the same pattern. This pattern is three balloons with the word baby in front. Some of the items vary which color were used. The first item are the party cups. There is a total of four packs of brand new cups. Each pack of cups has 8 9oz cups. The next item is the plates. There is a total of three packages of plates. Each pack has 8 plates that are 9 in in diameter. The third item in this party decorations set is the invitations. There is a total of five packs of invitations. Each pack of invitations includes 8 invitations and 8 envelopes. Next are the honeycomb decorations. There is a total of two packs of these. Each pack has four honeycomb decorations. These decorations are 6″ * 15 cm. The final item is the Cascade Centerpiece. There is a total of two packs of these. Each pack has one center piece. These center pieces are 8.5″.

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Weight 43.0 oz
Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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