Baby Togs Girls Jeans


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This pair of Girls Jeans is Baby Togs in brand. The back half of the waist band on these jeans is stretchable elastic. The front half of the waist band has a large gold button hole button. The color of these jeans is a very dark blue jean. The front of these jeans has two pockets, one located on each side of the waist band, and a decorative zipper flap located in the middle of the jeans. Located on the bottom right hand leg, there is flowers. There is a total of three flowers all different colors. The first flower is purple, green, and pink, the second flower is yellow and purple, and the last flowers is pink and purple. The other edge of the pants leg have a slit cut into the trimming on each side. The back of these jeans is solid in color and free of any pattern , design, or decoration. The size of these girls jeans is a size 12 months. The material is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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