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This back of books has a total of three books. The first book in this bag is called “Adventures of Riley Tigers in Terai” by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre. This book is a paper back book and has a total of thirty five pages. Each page has color illustrations and no more than a few lines of text on each page. The next book in this set is called “Old Mother Bear” by Victoria Miles and illustrated by Molly Bang. This book is hard back in design and has a total of thirty eight pages. Each page is color illustrated and this book has quite a bit of text on the pages. The third book is entitled “Dream Wors Shrek the Thrid I Can Find It” adaptation written by Judy Katschke and illustrations by Mada Design Inc.  This book is hard back and has a total of twenty two pages. This book has very little text on each page and is mostly composed of look and find images. This book is fully color illustrated.

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