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This bag includes five miscellaneous toys. The first toy is a medium sized stuffed dog. This dog has a golden brown colored fur and red ears. This dog also still has his tag attached to his ear. This stuffed dog is wearing a white knit sweater with red cuffs, collar, and the bottom. This sweater also has a red heart in the middle. The second in these toys is a Tommy Pickle doll from the rugrats. This Tommy doll is about 6 inches tall and wearing Tommy’s traditional dress of a blue t-shirt and diaper. The third in these toys is a stuffed lion toy. This lion is a tan color with a deep red colored mane. This lion also has golden colored spots and a fringe tail. On the back of this lion is a white string.  The fourth of these toys is a stuffed penguin. This penguin is a traditional colored penguin with a scarf. The scarf is red with two green ribbons. When you pull this penguins red key chain, a string comes out and the penguin toy vibrates until the string recedes. The final toy in this lot is a small dog toy. This dog is tan and brown in color. This stuffed dog is also wearing a red and white Santa hat. On the stomach of this dog is an embroidered red circle with a white star with red text inside reading “PRESS HERE”. When this is pressed the dog says “Hi Merry Christmas” and barks twice. This stuffed dog also has a red loop on the back.

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