Break the Safe Game


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The front cover of this Break the Safe Game says “PLAYS IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS… EVERY TIME! Play as a Team to Beat the Clock!”. This game is for ages 8+ and requires 2-4 players and 3AA Batteries. All of the original pieces are included in this game.

Included in this game is:

  • 1 Electronic Safe
  • 4 Agent Movers
  • 1 Guard Mover
  • 1 Dog Mover
  • 13 Tool Cards
  • 8 Booby Trap Tiles
  • 8 Top Secret Tiles
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions

The back cover of this game reads: Your Mission: BEAT THE CLOCK TO BREAK THE SAFE! It’s the heart-pounding game of teamwork where your adversary is the relentless ticking of the clock. You are part of an elite team of agents who have exactly 30-minutes to defeat the dangers of the EGC (Evil Guy Complex) and find the four keys necessary to stop the countdown and unlock The Safe. DOES YOUR TEAM HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?”.

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