BT Kids Boys Vest


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This boys vest is BT Kids in brand. The color is blue. Going down the center there is a zipper. To the right hand side of this zipper is a white polar bear and a blue and white penguin. This penguin and polar bear are riding in a dark blue and gray sled. Behinds these animals is a white circle with three horizontal lines coming off of each side. This circle has text that reads “TEAM TUNDRA 1955” around the outside. Inside of the circle is more text in gray that reads, “MOTOR SPORTS”. Towards the bottom there are two pockets, one on each side. On the top of each shoulder there is a corduroy stripe. The back is solid blue.

The size is listed on the tag as being a size 18 months. The material is listed as the shell, lining, and insulation all being 100% polyester.

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Weight 5.2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in