Carters 2pk Boys Shirts


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This two pack of boys shirts are Carters in brand. The first shirt in this set is a tshirt. This tshirt has a white background and a giraffe. This giraffe is stitched in design with an orange body and brown, yellow, and blue features. Underneath the giraffe is a duck. This duck is also stitched in design and has a yellow body and orange features. Underneath these animals is text. This text is inside a blue stitched box. This text is brown in color and reads “best friends”. The back of the tshirt is sold white. The second tshirt in this set is a striped one. This tshirt is completely covered in stripes on the front and back .These stripes are white and orange in color and run horizontally. The size of these tshirts is listed as nb for newborn. The material of both boys shirt are made out of 100% cotton.

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