Carters Boys Outfit


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This boys outfit is Carters in brand. The style of this boys outfit is a long sleeve one piece outfit with no enclosed feet. The color of this outfit is blue and is fleece in design. To the right hand side of the collar on this outfit there are three blue snap close buttons. On the chest of this outfit is a turtle.  This turtle is green in color with a red hat, blue shell, and a green tool belt with a red hammer and a yellow screw driver. Underneath this turtle is text. This text is dark blue in color and reads, “TOOL TURTLE”. On the bottom of the right leg is more text. This text is in three different sections with the first being red and reading, “builds” then green and reading ,”new things” and finally dark blue reading, “every day”. This text is surrounded with three different tools. To the right of the red section is a yellow and black ruler, to the left of the green section there are two gray nails, and to the right of the dark blue section is a red hammer. Around the inside of the leg holes are snap close buttons. There is a total of five of these and they are dark blue in color. The back of this outfit is solid blue. The size of this outfit is a size 6 months or 12-18 pounds. The material of this outfit is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% polyester.

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