Carters Boys Outfit


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This boys outfit is Carters in brand. The style of this outfit is a one piece long sleeve outfit with no attached feet. The material of this outfit feels to be one of fleece. The body of this outfit is brown in color. The sleeves on this outfit are white in color. The trimming around the collar, the ends of the arms, and the cuffs o the legs are all striped. This striped pattern is composed of brown, orange, and gray horizontal stripes. Down the center of this outfit and around the inside of the leg holes, there are snap close buttons. These buttons are brown in color and there is a total of twelve of them. On the right chest of this outfit there is a rectangle. This rectangle is divided into three squares. The first square is brown with a white number on it. This number is a number “36”. The second square in this rectangle has an orange basketball on it. The final square is orange with a brown star on it that has white trimming. On the left side of this outfit is a large orange and brown basket ball. This basket ball has white text all over it. The back of this outfit is solid brown and white. The size of this outfit is a size 6 months. There is no tag inside listing the material breakdown.

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