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This boys shirt is Carters in brand. The style of this shirt is  a short sleeve t-shirt. The trimming around the collar is solid red. Below this trimming from each armpit to the other and about an inch down the front of the shirt is a brown area. The rest of the sleeves are white with two horizontal red stripes near the bottom. The rest of the shirt is a solid red colored background. On top of this dog is a wolf. This wolf is white and gray in color with its head titled up looking at text. This text is three lines long. The first line reads “LEADER” in all capital letters and yellow colored with brown trimming. The next line reads “OF THE” again in all capital letters except this time only in solid brown color. The last line reads “PACK” in all capital letters and is the same coloring as the first line. The back of this shirt has buttons. These buttons run from the center of the collar down. There is a total of two buttons and they are red in color and snap close buttons in design. The size of this boys shirt is a size 24 months. The material of this shirt is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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