Children’s Place Boys Jacket


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This boys jacket is Children’s Place in brand. The style of this jacket is a fleece varsity jacket. The collar on this jacket is horizontally striped with dark blue, red, and white stripes. This stripe pattern also trims the bottom of this jacket. Coming down the center of the jacket, there are buttons. These buttons are snap close in design and silver in color. To the right hand side of these buttons there is text. This text reads, “JR VARSITY SPORTS” in capital white letters. There is also a red star in the middle of the text. Further down this jacket, there are red pockets. The sleeves on this coat are also red with the same stripe pattern on the bottom as the collar. The back of this jacket, on the dark blue portion, there is more text. This text reads, “PLACE” in all capital red letters with dark blue trimming. Underneath this text, there is a circle. This circle is red in color with white trimming. There is text in side on this circle that is white in color, in all capital letters, and reads, “PLACE TEAM ALL STARS”. Inside of this circle is a capital white “P” trimmed in red with a yellow star on each side of it. The size of this Children’s Place jacket is listed on the tag as 36 months. The material of this jacket is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% polyester.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in