Circo 1-piece Boys Outfit


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This one piece boys outfit is Circo in brand. The style of this one piece outfit is a short sleeved outfit with no feet. The collar is solid dark blue. To the right hand side of the collar there are three buttons. One of these buttons is dark blue and the other two are red. The background of this outfit is red. On the front there is a large whale. This whale is various shades of blue, purple, black, white, and gray in color. The tail section of the whale wraps around the left side of this outfit and onto the back. Also, coming out of the whale’s blow spout is water. This water is blue, white, and purple in color. Underneath the whale, on the front, is text. This text is white in color, all capital letters, and reads “O R C A”. The bottom of this outfit secures closed with five snap close buttons. Along with the tail portion of the whale, the back also have an oval. This oval is tan in color with white trimming. There is also text inside and above this oval. The text above the oval is solid white and reads “JUNIOR SCIENTIST” in all capital letters. The text inside the oval is broken down into three seperate lines. The first and last line are dark blue while the middle line is white. This text is all capital letters with the first line reading, “POLAR”, the second line reads, “RESEARCH”, and the last line reads “CENTER”. The size of this one piece outfit is listed as a size 6 months. The material of this boys outfit is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.Ci

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