Circo Boys Onesie


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This boys onesie is Circo in brand. The style of this onesie is a long sleeve onesie. The sleeves on this onesie are solid white. The background of this onesie is blue. To the right hand side of the collar on this onesie there is one blue snap close button. On the chest of this onesie there is text. This text is separated into five lines.

  1. The first line of text reads, “PARTY”. The “P” and “Y” are both dark red, the “A” and “T” are both orange and the “R” is green.
  2. The second line of text reads “iN mY” in all white.
  3. The third line reads, “CriB!” in all green.
  4. The fourth line reads, “At” in all green.
  5. The final line reads “3am”. The “3” is dark red and the “am” is orange.

To the left hand side of this text is a white igloo with a black, white, and orange penguin on top. Around this penguin there are two green music notes. To the right hand side of this text is a polar bear. This polar bear is white and black in color and wearing dark red and black shoes. The bottom of this onesie secures closed with three blue snap close buttons. The back of this onesie is solid blue and white. The size of this onesie is a size 3 months. The material of this onesie is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in