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This boys outfit is Circo in brand. The style of this boys outfit is a one piece outfit with short sleeves and no feet. The background of this boys outfit is solid green. The collar on this shirt is a dark blue. To the right hand side of the collar are two green snap close buttons. The chest of this outfit has a graphic that includes text. The first line of text is yellow with red stitched pattern and reads “LITTLE” in all capital letters. Underneath this line of text are two additional lines. Both of these lines of text are in all capital letters and are orange with red stitching. This first line in this format reads “TICKLE” and the second line reads “BUG”. Underneath the last line of text is a yellow arrow with red decorative stitching that points to a large bug. This bug has a dark blue face and 6 dark blue legs. This bug also has light blue antennas and a light blue and regular blue striped body. The body has a total of seven stripes. Further down this outfit, on each side, are pockets. Each side has one pocket each and these pockets wrap around so that they are on both the front and the back. The bottom of this boys outfit secures closed with four green snap close buttons. The back of this outfit is solid green. The size of this outfit is a size 3 months. The material of this outfit is listed as being made out of 100% cotton.

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