Circo Boys Shirt


This boys shirt is Circo in brand. The style of this shirt is one of like a tank top or a sleeveless shirt. The shoulders of this boys shirt are a light green collar. On the right hand of the collar, on the right shoulder, there are two small light green snap close buttons. The background of the rest of the shrit is dark blue. This section of the shirt has a frog fishing on it. This frog is wearing an orange hat, and yellow plaid shirt, and blue shorts. In the frogs right hand is a fishing pole. This fishing poles is orange, blue, and yellow. Above the frog is text. This text reads “fishing fun for funny frog” with all of the “f”s in light green and the rest of each word in light orange. The back of the shirt is solid blue, The size of this boys shirt is a size NB which stands for newborn. The material of this shirt is listed on the tag as being made with 100% cotton.


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