Disney 2-Piece Girls Snow Suit


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This two piece girls snow suit is Disney in brand. The first piece in this two piece set is the coat. This coat is dark pink and buttons down the middle. These buttons are snap close buttons and are purple flowers with pink centers in design. To the right hand side of these buttons is a stitched image. This stitched image is of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Bear and Piglet. Pooh Bear is hbolding a bouquet of flowers while piglet leans over to sniff them. Piglet is standing on top of an upside down purple honey pot. The cuffs of the sleeves on this coat are folded over and show the inside pattern of the coat. The inside of this coat is a floral design. This design has a dark pink background with purple flowers , bees, hearts, and leaves. The back of this coat is solid pink. Near the center of the top of the back is a stitched design. This design is off a yellow bee flying with two pink hearts beside him. The second piece in this two piece girls snow suit are the pants. These pants are the same pattern as the inside of the coat. The leaves are green, the flowers are purple, the bees are yellow, and the hearts are light pink. The waist band of these pants is a stretchable elastic. The bottom of the each pant leg is cuffed over. Both pieces in this girls snow suit are VERY thick, insulated, and warm. The size of both pieces are the size 12 months. The material is listed on the coat as Fibre Content Shell w Lining / Exterior 60% cotton 40% polyester Filling 100% polyester. The pants are made with the same material combination.

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Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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