Fisher Price Steering Wheel Toy


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This Fisher Price toy is a steering wheel. This toy has a face on the horn. The horn is yellow and when priced it lights up and makes noises. There is also an orange shifter that moves the whole way around the circle. When it is moved around the circle it makes a clicking sound. The steering wheel itself is yellow and the top is clear. Inside the clear section there are three small plastic balls. These balls are green, red, and purple. If you shake the wheel these balls rattle around. The bottom of this toy is dark blue. There are three different spirals on this part. There is a green one, yellow one, and a red star. On this dark blue part there is also three balls. One ball is orange with a purple spiral, the next one is purple with an orange star and the last one is green with a yellow swirl. These balls also work as wheels when the toy is placed upon a hard surface. The last thing on this blue section is a switch to turn it on to low volume or it on to higher volume.

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Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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