Flapdoodles Boys Outfit


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.This boys outfit is Flapdoodles in brand. The style of this outfit is a two piece outfit set. The first piece in this outfit set is a shirt. This shirt is long sleeve in design and made to look like a layered t-shirt. The t-shirt portion of this shirt has a tye dye background made of gray, light blue, white, and different shades of green. The layered part of the sleeves are solid gray. The top on the front of this shirt has a blue banner with text. This text is dark blue in color and reads, “Little Knight’s Quest”. Underneath of this banner is a castle. This castle is yellow and dark blue in color with a red flag on top. Behind this castle to the left hand side is another castle. This castle is dark blue with yellow windows. To the right of the first castle is a stitched castle. This castle is a dark blue stitched outline with a yellow flag on top. Underneath these castles is a knight. This knight is wearing a glimmering gray suit of armor and holding a gray weapon. The back of this shirt is solid tye dye. The second item in this outfit set is a pair of pants. These pants are tan in color. The waist band on these pants has a stretchable elastic band on the back half and a decorative button and zipper flap on the front. Underneath this waist band, on both sides, are pockets. On the left pant leg, on the outer left hand side, is a pocket. This pocket has a folded over top that secures closed with velcro. Also on this pocket, is a stitched green and white mountain and a green tree. Above this pocket, on the pant leg, is a stitched character carrying a yellow book. Beside this character is a red stitched arrow that is pointing down. On the right pant leg is a dragon. This dragon is green in color and is snorting. Above this dragon is text. This text is read in color and reads, “CAUTION!!!”. Underneath this dragon, to the left hand side, are three trees, all green in color. Underneath these trees there is text.This text reads, “DARK FOREST”. There is a red swirly stitched line that leads down to the next image and curves up right. The final image is of a castle. This castle is brown in color with yellow accents. Around this castle is green grass and trees. The bottom of each pants leg is cuffed up and trimmed in dark blue. The back of these pants has two additional pockets; each with folded over tops that secure closed with velcro. The left pant leg has a red arrow pointing down. This arrow ins pointing to a green troll. Around this troll is a red bird and a green tree. There is also text. This text reads, “troll land…”. The size of this boys outfit set is a size 6-9 months. The material of this boys outfit set is listed on the tags as being made out of 100% cotton.

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