Floral Girls Dress


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This girls dress is floral. The material of this girls dress feels like one of velour. The background of this girls dress is red colored. On top of the red colored background is a floral design. This floral design features flowers in various shapes and patterns. These flowers all follow the color scheme of purple, yellow, blue, pink, green, black, and red. There is also various patterns of leaves. All of the leaves are green in color with small flowers located on them in various colors. On the color of this floral girls dress is a white tied decorative ribbon. The waist band of this girls dress has a shiny white colored belt. The back of this girls dress has the same red colored background with the floral design on top. On the back, located from the middle of the collar down to the waist is three button hole red buttons. Also located on the back, the waist band shiny white belt continues. This belt has two button holes on one side and two little red buttons on the other piece that secure together to close the belt. The material of this girls dress is 100% cotton. The size is 2t.

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