Four Little Girls Hats


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This bag of little girls hats includes a total of four different hats. The first hat is a purple floral hat. The background of this hat is a light purple. On top of the purple is dark purple flowers with light purple colored leaves. There is also a green shiny colored outline of leaves. The bottom of this hat has a brim. The tag on this hat listed the brand as little legends , the size as 3/9m, and the material as 100% cotton. The next girls hat is a solid white background colored one. This hat has a lady bug located on the front. This lady bug is pink in color with dark pink wings and light pink colored body and light pink polka dots on the wings. The lady bug also has light purple facial features and antennas with dark pink circles on the ends. Off the back of the lady bug is a purple squiggly line to represent movement. underneath the lady bug is five multicolored and shaped flowers.This hat also has a brim with a ruffled edge. Also, this hat has a chin strap which is also white colored that secures with velcro. The tag of this hat does not list a brand but the size is one size fits most and the material is listed as the shell being 100% cotton and the lining being 100% cotton. The third girls hat is solid pink in color. The bottom of this hat folds up and there is a small stitched flower. This flower has light pink petals, a light blue center, and light green stem. The tag on the inside of this hat lists the brand as Gerber, the size as 0-6 months, and the material as 100% cotton. The final girls hat is a striped hat. This hat has thin white and pink colored stripes across the whole thing. The bottom of this hat is folded up and has the same striped pattern. The tag on this hat lists the brand as carters, the size as nb newborn, and the material as 100% cotton.

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