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This fisher price toy is a boat with three peek a boo blocks. The boat is a blue boat with a mirrored roof and two purple birds that rock back and forth on top. The whole boat itself can also rock. This boat has four holes where you can move the three blocks back and forth. The first block is see through orange colored. The top part of this block is purple. Each side is different textured  and two of the sides are mirrored. The second block is see through clear plastic. There is an orange top and a blue bottom. Inside the block is a little yellow airplane on top of a white cloud. When this block is shook, the airplane moves back and forth. The final block is a lion. This block also has clear plastic but its top is purple and the bottom is green colored. This block has two lions inside, one appears male while the other is female. When this block is shook the one lion nods his head.

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