French Toast Girls Jeans


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This pair of Girls Jeans are French  Toast in brand. The back half of the waist band on these jeans are semi stretchable elastic while the front of the waistband has a snap close button and zipper. The waist band also has a total of five belt loops. Underneath the waist band, on both sides, are pockets. These pockets are trimmed in light blue, purple, and blue stripes. The back of these jeans has one additional pocket located on the left hand side. This pocket is triangular shapes and trimmed in the same color stripes as the pockets on the front. On the right hand side of the back of these jeans are stitches and fasteners in the same shape as the pocket. This makes it look like there are two pockets. The fake pocket on the right has a pink and gold crown on top of it. The size of these girls jeans is a size 2t. The material of these jeans is listed on the tag as being made out of 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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