Garanimals Long Sleeve Girls Shirt


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This garanimals long sleeve girls shirt is green in color. The front of this girls shirt has an image of a rainbow. This rainbow has four stripes each a different color, one purple, light blue, light pink, and orange. Above the rainbow, is another arc of green stars. Underneath each begining of the rows is a different letter of text coordinating to that color arc that spells out “SMILE” (the S is green, M is purple, I is light blue, L is light pink, and E is orange). Above and below the rainbow are hearts and stars in the colors of purple , light pink, orange, green, and white. Everything is glittered except for the hearts and stars underneath and above. The back of this shirt is solid green. This girls shirt is brand new with the tags. The material is 100% cotton and the size is 18 months.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in


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