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This pair of boys pants are greendog in brand. The waistband on these pants is a stretchable elastic waist band in the back and a button and zipper on the front. This button is a button hole button with a zipper pull zipper. This waist band also has five belt loops. The style of these boys pants are a pair of jeans. Underneath the waistband, on the front, are three pockets. There is one regular pocket located on each side of these jeans. Inside of the left hand pocket is a small square additional pocket. Underneath the right pocket, further down the leg, is text. This text is white in color, cursive in style, and reads “Varsity”. Underneath this text is a large blue “V” with white outline. To the right hand side of this V is a small yellow helmet with dark blue trimming. The bottom of each leg is cuffed up and has dark blue fabric lining. The back of these jeans have two additional pockets. There is one pocket on each side of the back. Each pocket has two gold stitched parallel horizontal lines in the middle of the pocket. The size of these boys jeans is a size 6-9 months. The material is listed on  the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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