Infantino Teether Towel


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This teether towel is infantino in brand. This teether towel is orange in main color. The design is one of a bunny. This bunny has an orange face with a pink nose and four blue colored ribbon whiskers. This bunny also has two blue geometric circle patterned ears. Then the main towel part of this teether is orange colored with a circle that is the same blue geometrical pattern as the ears. This part of the towel is trimmed in a purple satin edge. Each corner of this towel is different. The top left corner is a yellowed colored rubber corner with textured geometric design. The top right corner is a lime green colored fabric corner. Bother of the bottom corners are satin like material except the left bottom hand corner is red and the right bottom hand corner is purple.

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Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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