Jojo Remote Control Car


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This Remote Control Car is Jojo in style. The car itself is yellow with two eyes on front as headlights and a smile. This car also has an orange seat and a gray bumper around it. On the back of this car are two red back lights and a red flag with the letter “J” on it. The bottom of this car is solid gray with four red wheels. Also, there are switches for the volume and power. Included is also a blue and dark blue rabbit. This rabbit has a circle hole on the bottom and fits inside the seat of the car. The last thing included is the remote control. This remote control is orange and shaped like a carrot. On the top of the control is a red antenna in the shape of a carrot top. This remote has only two buttons. The top button makes the car go forward and the bottom button makes the car drive in a counter clockwise circle.

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