Koala Baby Boys Pjs


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This pair of boys pjs is Koala Baby in brand.  The style of these pajamas is a one piece pajama with enclosed feet and long sleeves. The background of these pajamas is yellow. On top of this background is a dot pattern. This dot pattern is composed of blue, dark blue, green, and yellow dots. This dot pattern covers the sleeves, back, feet, and edges of these pajamas. The middle front of these pajamas is solid yellow. Coming down from the left side of the collar to almost the bottom of the left leg are buttons. These buttons are solid yellow snap close buttons in design and there is a total of eight of them. Underneath the collar, to the right hand side is a yellow swirl sun with orange rays. Underneath this is a green, blue, and orange butterfly with a yellow motion line behind it. This butterflies blue wings are made out of ribbons that stick up. Beside this butterfly is a green leaf and underneath it is a blue leaf. Beside this there are two large ducks. These ducks are yellow in color with orange and blue features. The larger duck on the left hand side has a dot patterned wing also. These ducks are made out of towel like material. Behind these ducks are plants that are yellow, orange and green in color. The back of this outfit is solidly covered with the dot pattern. Towards the bottom, on the left hand side, is an additional yellow duck made out of the same towel like material. This duck also has the same yellow orange and green plants surrounding it. The size of these pajamas are a size 6-9 months or 17-20 pounds. The material of these pajamas is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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