Koala Kids Boys Pants


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This pair of boys pants are Koala Kids in brand. The waist band of these pants has semi-stretchable elastic in the back and a button loop button on the front. Underneath this button is a decorative zipper flap. There is a total of five belt loops on this waist band. The style of these boys pants is a pair of cords. The color of these pants is the color brown. On each leg, located on  the outer side, is a pocket. This pocket has a folded over top that secures shut with velcro. The left pocket is plain while the right pocket has a construction vehicle on it. This construction vehicle is an orange and light blue digger. Above the left pocket is an additional construction vehicle. This vehicle is brown, orange, and light blue in color and is a cement mixer truck.The back of these pants have two additional pockets, located on each side. The left pocket is plaid while the right pocket has decoration. This decoration is composed of a dark brown rectangle with light brown text on top. This text is all in capital letters and reads “CONSTRUCTION AHEAD” with a solid filled arrow pointing to the right. The size of these boys pants is a size 6-9 months. The material of these boys pants is listed as being made out of 100% cotton.

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