Little Wonders 1-piece Boys Outfit


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This one piece boys outfit is Little Wonders in brand. This one piece boys outfit is sleeveless. Down the center of this 1-piece boys outfit are snap close buttons. There is a total of ten snap close buttons. The top button is light blue, the next three are a darker light blue, and the last six buttons are dark blue. The top third of this outfit is light blue, , the next third is a darker blue, and the last is dark blue. To the right hand side of the buttons there is a blue oval. This oval has a yellow sun and blue waves. There is red text on this that reads “Big Wave!”. Further down the right of the buttons is an elephant riding a surfboard. This elephant is light and dark blue with red shorts that have peanuts on them. This elephant is standing on a yellow and red surfboard. Underneath this surfboard is a blue stitched wave. On the bottom left of this outfit is a giraffe. This giraffe is yellow and orange with dark and light blue shorts. The surfboard he is standing on is light blue with a red horizontal strap. The size of this outfit is 3-6 months. The material is listed as being made out of 100% cotton.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in


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