Little Wonders 1-Piece Boys Outfit


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This one piece boys outfit is little wonders in brand. The material of this outfit is soft red fleece feeling material. Just below the collar is a small flap of fabric that snap close with a small red snap close button. If you were to lift this flap up, there is a zipper underneath. This zipper runs from the middle of the collar down to almost the bottom of the right foot. Located on the chest to the right hand side is a bear. This bear is light tan in color with a shinny tan for the bears features. Around this bear is a circle. This circle is light green in color with a white trimming. Inside of this circle and above the bears head is text. This text is in all capital letters and is white. This text reads “HUGS”. The sleeves of this outfit are long sleeved in design and the bottom of the legs are enclosed feet. The size of this one piece boys outfit is listed as being a size 0-3 months. The material is listed on the tag as being made with 100% polyester.

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Weight 5.2 oz
Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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