Mary Jane Girls Sweater


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This girls sweater is Mary Jane in brand and red in color. The design of the girls sweater is knit. On the front top right hand side of this girls sweater is a flower. This flower has white outline stitched petals and a light pink center. The center is trimmed with a peach color. This flower also has a green stitched steam. Beside the stem and below the petals are two various colored stitched pink flowers with green leaves. On front bottom left hand side is another flower. This flower has the same white stitched petals with the same light pink peach trimmed center and green stitched steam. This flower also has the two smaller various colored pink flowers with the green leaves. This flower however is larger in size and has a butterfly located at the top part. This butter has a peach colored center with wings in striped colors of light pink , white, and red. There is four white colored flower shaped button hole buttons located from the front center part of the collar down to the bottom of this girls sweater. There is also a striped stitched design trim in the colors of white and peach located each sleeve and the bottom of the sweater. The edges of the sleeves and the bottom are peach in colored with scalloped edges. The back of this girls sweater is plain red in color with the same stitched pattern of the sleeves and bottom and the same scalloped edging. The material of this girls sweater is 100% cotton. The size is 18 months.

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Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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