McQueen Feeding Set


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This McQueen feeding set includes three pieces. The first piece is a Piston Cup cup. This cup is plastic , Zac brand, and red in color. The shape of this cup is one of a piston cup and has a graphic on the front. This graphic is a blue oval with a yellow colored trimming. Inside of this oval is text. This text is yellow colored and reads “PISTON CUP” with a wing on each side. The second piece in this feeding set is a Lighting McQueen food container. This food container is plastic and also Zac brand. This food container is shaped like Lighting McQueen and looks like the character.The top part of the car lifts open and there is a storage space about 5 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 1/2 deep. The final piece in this set is a bowl. This bowl is Selandia Designs in brand and teddy bear themed. The brim of this bowl has a solid red trimming. On top of this trimming is the complete alphabet and numbers 1-10 all in white colored text. Separating the numbers from the letters are two little yellow birds.  The inner bottom of this bowl has a yellow colored teddy bear flying a red kite.

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