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This boys outfit is SK in brand and NEW without tags. The style of this boys outfit is a two piece set. The first piece in this outfit set is a shirt. This shirt is a long sleeve collared button down in design. The collar and shoulders on this shirt are gray. The rest of this shirt is light blue. Down the center of this shirt there are buttons. There are a total of five buttons that are light blue in color and button hole buttons in design. To the right hand side of these buttons there is a light blue pocket. This pocket is decorative in brand and  has a folded over top that is gray in color  and “secures” closed with a light blue button hole button. On the bottom right hand corner of this pocket is a dark blue badge. Inside of this badge is a gray and orange dog wearing black sun glasses. There are two orange stars on each side of this dog. Above and below this dog there are blue ribbons with white text inside of them. The top ribbon says, “REBEL” and the bottom says, “SPIRIT”. The back of this shirt is solid light blue and gray in color. The second piece in this outfit set is a pair of pants. These pants have a semi stretchable back and secure closed in the front with a gray button hole button. The background of these pants is gray. On top of this background there are dark gray motorcycles and flame silhouettes. On each outer edge of the leg, in the middle, is a decorative gray button. The back of these pants are solidly covered in the same pattern as the front. Both pieces in this outfit set are a size 6-9 months. The material of both pieces in this set is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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