NWT Old Navy Boys Swim Trunks


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This pair of boys swim trunks are Old Navy in brand and NEW WITH TAGS. The waist band of these swim trunks is semi stretchable elastic. The front of this waist band has two decorative light blue tie strings. The pattern of these shorts is a like monster like creature that is blue with pointed ears and fangs. This creature is wearing yellow sun glasses and yellow and blue flowered shorts. In this creatures left hand is a red and dark blue vertically striped surf board. Behind this creature there is two blue and tan palm trees with three dark blue coconuts each and light blue water with a yellow sunset. In between the various creatures there is text that is white in color, in all capitals, and reads “MUSCLE BEACH”. This creature and text pattern covers the whole front and back of these swim trunks. The size of these swim trunks is a size 6-12 months. The material is listed as being 100% polyester.

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Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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