Okie Dokie Two Piece Snow Suit


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This two piece snow suit is teddy bear themed. The first piece is the physical snow suit while the second piece is almost a blanket that goes over it for the car seat. The snow suit part is a pink fleece like material one piece snow suit. The top of the snow suit has a hood with a dark pink colored fur trimming. Then there is a zipper down the whole front that is a light pink color that stops before it reaches the right foot.  Located on the top right hand side of the chest is a little stitched white bear with pink features such as her checks and the inside of her ears. There is also two tiny pink stars beside the bear. The sleeves of this snow suit are long sleeve and end with attached fold over mittens. There is also two loops on the shoulder of this suit for the second piece to attach through. The second piece of this set is the same light pink color as the first piece. This piece has two 1 inch straps that go over the baby’s should and through the loops on the snow suit. These straps have two small button loop light pink buttons that can be used to change the length of the straps to two different sizes. On the chest of this piece is a large white teddy bear with different shades of pink features such as dark pink pads of the paws and light pink cheeks. There is also a large circle on this bears chest that reads “Hug Me!”. The pair also has a ribbon on its left ear as a boy. Around the bear are three pink flowers. The sides of this piece are dark pink. About four inches below the bear is the opening for the car seat buckle. Both Pieces are Okie Dokie brand and size 3-6 months. The material of the first piece is listed as the body being 100% polyester and the trim being 55% polyester 45% acrylic. The second piece’s material is 100% polyester.

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