Old Navy Boys Shirt


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This Boys Shirt is Old Navy in brand. The style of this boys shirt is a short sleeved t-shirt. The color of this shirt is gray. On the front of this shirt there is a mustard bottle, hot dog, and ketchup bottle. All three of these items are wearing black karate ribbons while only the mustard and ketchup are holding swords. The hot dog has a white speech bubble coming out of this mouth that reads, “SOON… VERY SOON MwaHAhaHaha!”. All of that text is black except for the last word which is green with black trimming. Underneath these characters there is more text. This text is in all white capital letters and reads, “HOTDOG DOJO”. The back of this shirt is solid gray. The size of this shirt is listed on the tag as an x-small (5). The material is listed on the tag as being made out of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

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