Old Navy Maternity Pants


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This pair of maternity pants are old navy in brand. These maternity pants do not feature the tradition maternity panel. The waist band however is stretchable. Also, located on the inside of the back part of the waist band are two elastic pieces. These pieces each have a large tan button that can be inserted into the elastic at two different spots to adjust the size. The waist band also has five belt loops. The waist band closes with a large tan button hole button and a zipper. The front also has two pockets. On the back of these maternity pants are two additional pockets. These pockets can be closed with a large tan button hole button. The material of these maternity pants is not listed on the tag although they feel like work pants. The size is listed as being a size 12.

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Weight 14.6 oz
Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in


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