Oshkosh Two Piece Girls Outfit


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This two piece girls outfit is Oshkosh in brand. The two pieces in this outfit are a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants. The first piece in this girls outfit, the long sleeve shirt, is a solid red color. This shirt is very long and could almost be considered a tunic. The material of this shirt feels to be one of velour. There are two pockets on the front of the shirt. These pockets each feature a decorative red button. Also on the front of this shirt, located on the bottom right hand side is an image of a light purple bow. The bow is also trimmed in a dark glitter purple color. Under neath towards the left is a pink colored heart with a darker pink glitter trim. In between the heart and the bow are two smaller hearts, one metallic purple and one metallic light purple almost gray colored one, and a smaller dark metallic pink colored star. The sleeves on the shirt are also elastic cuffed in design. The back of the shirt is solid red. The second piece of this two piece girls outfit is a pair of pants. These pants are the same red color as the long sleeve shirt. These girls pants are also the same velour feeling type of material. The waist band of these pants is very strechable elastic. The waist band also features a decorative red ribbon bow. Below the waist band, on the front top right, is text. This text reads “oshkosh” on the top line in a dark purple. Beside the top line of text is a small light purple almost gray metallic color bow. Underneath the top line of text another line of dark purple colored text reading “bgosh”. The back of these pants are solid red. The material of both pieces in this girls outfit are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The size is 24 months.

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