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This pair of Boys Pjs are Phineas & Ferb in brand. The style of these Pj’s is a two piece pajama set.

The first piece in this pajama set is a short sleeved shirt. This set has a solid blue collar and sleeves. On the front of this shirt are three different graphics of Agent P. The first graphic is inside of a yellow and red rectangle that is trimmed in teal. This graphic of Agent P is him preparing to jump onto a blue and orange jet ski. The next graphic is inside of a circle. This circle is blue in color with a red trimming. This graphic is of Agent P riding is a propeller car. The final graphic is of agent P riding on a scooter. There are two different areas of text on this shirt. All of this text is wrote in capital letters and is orange with white trimming. The first area of text is right below the collar. This text reads, “AGENT P:”. The second area of text is on the bottom right hand side. This text is separated into three lines and reads, “SAVING THE WORLD” “FROM MANIACAL EVIL” “ONE DAY AT A TIME!”. The back of this shirt is solid blue.

The second piece in this Pj set is the pants. These pants have a stretchable elastic waist band. Also on these pants is multiple smaller versions of the graphics of Agent P from the shirt. The bottom of these pants legs are cuffed in blue.

The size of this Pj set is a size 6. The material of this Pj set is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton. This material is also flame resistant.

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