Sean John Boys Outfit


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This boys outfit is Sean John in brand. The style of this outfit is a two piece jogging outfit. The first piece in this outfit set is a zip up hoodie. This hoodie is dark blue in color. The inside of the hood on this outfit is brown. The front of this outfit has text. This text reads, “SEAN JOHN” in gray and brown. There are also two pockets on the front of this hoodie. The ends of the sleeves on this hoodie are trimmed in white, gray, and brown. The back of this hoodie is solid dark blue. The second piece in this outfit set is a pair of jogging pants. These jogging pants are dark blue with a brown vertical stripe on each side. There are two pockets, one on each side underneath the waist band. The bottom outer side of these legs each have a zipper. When these zippers are unzipped, there is a piece of brown fabric behind them. The back of these pants have white vertical stripes instead of brown. There is also a pocket on the right hand side on the back of these pants. The size of this outfit set is a size 6-12 months. The material of this outfit set is listed on the tag as being made out of 75% cotton and 25% polyester.

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