Set of Girls Hats


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There is a total of three hats in this set.

  1. The first hat in this set is a sun hat. This hat is light blue in color. On top of this background there is white flowers with a yellow center and a green steam. The edge of this hat is trimmed in a yellow and white checkered patterned ruffle. The front of this hat folds up. On the fold of this hat there is a large white flower with a yellow center. Underneath this flower is a ribbon. This ribbon is yellow and white checkered. The tag lists no brand or material information however the size is listed on the tag as being a size 6-9 months.
  2. The second hat in this set is a fleece hat. This hat is solid light pink. The tag on this hat lists no brand or size. The tag however does list the material as being made out of 100% polyester.
  3. The final hat in this set is also a fleece hat. This hat is solid light pink with a flower on the outer left side. This flower is a stitch line flower composed of purple, orange and silver lines.

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