Small Wonders Nwt 2-Piece Boys Outfit


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This two piece boys outfit is NEW WITH TAGS and small wonders in brand. The first piece in this two piece outfit is a long sleeved shirt. The collar on this shirt is bright blue and has two small red snap close buttons beneath it. The sleeves on this boys shirt are gray. The body of the shirt is red. There is a graphic of a dog driving an airplane on the front. This dog is gray with a white muzzle. The dogs eyes have red pilot goggles. The plane the dog is driving is red with blue accents such as the wings and gray propeller. On the side of his plane is the number 45 in red with a gray circle around it. Above and below the dog is text. The text above in blue in color with gray trimming that reads “Pilot” in cursive with four gray horizontal lines behind the “P”. Below the dog the text is in a blue ribbon while the actual text itself is white and reads “In Training!”. The second piece in this boys outfit is the pants. These pants have a dark gray stretchable elastic waistband. Below this waistband are two pockets, one each side. The majority of these pants are a light gray color. The only thing that is not is the above mentioned waistband and a strip along the knees. The strip is on the front and is a dark gray color. The size of both pieces is listed as 0-3 months. The material of both pieces is listed on their tags as being made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

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