Two Baby Dolls


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These two baby dolls are soft in design and both appear to be ballerinas. The first Baby doll is larger than the second and has brown hair. This brown hair is straight and yarn like in material. This hair is up in a pony tail on this doll and she is also wearing a gold headband. The face of this doll has brown eyes. This doll is wearing a pink dress. This dress is solid pink on top with a tulle like skirt on the bottom. This skirt is a lighter pink with gold stars and moons. On this baby dolls feet are gold high heels. The second dolly is smaller than the first doll. This doll has blonde colored hair that is made out of curly yarn. This doll’s hair is also up with a pink and white bow. This doll’s eyes are blue. This doll is wearing a pink dress also. This dress is light pink of the top with a light pink tulle skirt on the bottom. This skirt has white flowers and polka dots on top. This doll is wearing gray shoes that tie on top of the foot. These are beanie baby dolls in brand.

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