Two Piece Dora Girls Outfit


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This Girls outfit is Dora in design. This outfit is composed of two pieces. The first piece in this outfit set is a denim jacket. This jacket has plaid trim around the collar. This plaid is very tight knit and composed of purple, pink, and white. The front of this jacket secures closed with four bronze buttons. These buttons secure closed with four plaid loops. On the other side of these loops are four additional decorative bronze buttons. To the right hand side of the buttons is a circle. This circle has a purple trimming and is filled with the tight knit plaid pattern. Inside of this circle is Nick Jr’s Dora The Explorer. To the left hand side of this circle is a pink butterfly and underneath this circle is a purple and pink flower. On each side of the buttons, near the bottom, are flaps. These flaps are trimmed in the same tight knit plaid. These flaps are decorative and made to look like the flap of a pocket. The back of this jacket is solid denim. The second piece in this outfit set is a skort. This skort has a stretchable elastic waist band. The  waist band on this skort is also denim. On the right front side of this skort is another bronze button and plaid loop. When this is opened, it flaps up and you can see the shorts underneath. The pattern of this skirt and shorts is the same tight knit plaid as the rest of the outfit. On the bottom right corner of the skort you can see text. This text is in all purple letters and reads, “Dora” with a pink butterfly above it. The size of this Dora Girls Outfit is a size 24 months. The material of this jacket is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton. The material of the skirt is listed on the tag as the Body being made out of 100% polyester and the upper panel being made out of 100% cotton.

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