Tykes 2-pack Boys Shirts


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This two pack of boys shirts are Tykes in brand. The style of these boys shirts are short sleeved t-shirt. The first shirt in this two pack has a solid yellow background. On top of the background, located on the chest, are two ducks. The first duck is a larger yellow duck with a blue wing and eye and orange beak. The second duck is a smaller duck that is solid light blue with an orange beak. Underneath these ducks is blue lines to represent water. The back of this t-shirt is solid yellow. The second shirt in this pack is one with a darker yellow background. On top of this background are small light blue ducks. These ducks have a dark blue wing and orange beaks. All of these ducks vary in size and are all turned in different directions, some are upside down while others are right side up. This yellow background with the blue ducks cover the whole front, back, and the sleeves. The only thing without this pattern is the trimming of the collar which is solid yellow.  Both of these boys shirts are a size 3-6 months or 12 – 18 pounds. Also, on both shirts tags, the material is listed as being made out of 100% cotton.

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