Veggie Tales Boys Shoes


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This pair of boys shoes are Veggie Tales in brand. The style of these shoes are a pair of sneakers. These sneakers secure closed with two piecse of velcro. The first piece of velcro goes straight across and secures closed. This piece has text on it that says “Silly” in dark blue. The second piece is shaped like a tomato and goes over this one and velcros closed. The opening on these shoes is trimmed with dark blue. The rest of these shoes are white. On the toes there is text. This text is wrote in two lines and reads, “Be” and “veggie” in circles. These circles are dark blue, green, and light blue. On the outer sides of these shoes are green cucumbers. The backs of these shoes have a purple rectangle that reads, “Big Idea’s Veggie Tales”. There is a blue horizontal line trimming the bottom of these shoes. The size of these shoes are a size 4.

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Dimensions 8 x 1 x 12 in