Join Cub Scout Pack 251 in Shippensburg PA

Join Shippensburg Cub Scout Pack 251

Join Shippensburg Cub Scout Pack 251

Do you want to be a Cub Scout? If you know a boy entering 1st thru 5th grade, and would be interested in joining Cub Scout Pack 251 in Shippensburg, PA. Stop by Anything Kidz Consignment for applications and information to get you started!

Cub Scouting Adventures

Pack 251 follows the Cub Scouting Adventures program which is the heart of cub scouting and includes tasks and requirements which will challenge your boy both mentally and physically. They will spur him to learn about himself and his world. They will build self-reliance and help him discover he is old enough to accept responsibility. Be sure to help your boy. Some projects he cannot do without your assistance. Show interest in his work. He should understand you want to help. Sign his achievements only when he has satisfied you that he has completed all the required work. Remember, your scout should try to pursue the Cub Scout Motto “Do Your Best”. The Cub Scout Adventures Program is an excellent way to learn important skills and have fun learning.

Each cub scout is a member of a den. The Pack is made up of several dens. Each den typically has 5-10 boys and is led by parents who volunteer as a den leader and assistant den leader. Each den typically has 5-10 boys.


  • Tiger Cubs – 1st grade
  • Wolf – 2nd grade
  • Bear – 3rd grade
  • Webelos / Arrow of Light – 4th and 5th grade


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